A legal document enforcing the relationship between the platform and its users such as Terms of Services or a Privacy Notice

2020-09-23 06:24:22: The current version of types Terms of Services as a Property, we propose a more generic approach: a legal document is a type of WebPage and has several subtypes, Privacy Notices and Terms of Services.
2021-01-29 10:39:07: I would also add Cookie Policy
2021-01-29 10:43:04: Hi,

Good point, which leads me to another question. We have a whole range of Legal documents (see below).

Should not we describe them using the "about" property inherited from webpage?



a court document to file or answer a lawsuit (1)
a USCIS form to fill out to apply for a visa (1)
an official CDC declaration form to fill out and give to your landlord to protect yourself from eviction (1)
Trackers Policy (2)
Parent Organization Terms (2)
Parent Organization Privacy Policy (2)
Developer Terms (2)
Community Guidelines (2)
Acceptable Use Policy (2)
Restricted Use Policy (2)
Commercial Terms (2)
Copyright Claims Policy (2)
Law Enforcement Guidelines (2)
Human Rights Policy (2)
In-App Purchases Policy (2)
Review Guidelines (2)
Brand Guidelines (2)
Quality Guidelines (2)
Data Controller Agreement (2)
Data Processor Agreement (2)
User Consent Policy (2)
Closed Captioning Policy (2)
Seller Warranty (2)
Single Sign-On Policy (2)
Vulnerability Disclosure Policy (2)
Live Policy (2)

(1) from

(2) from

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Attached to the following types
WebPage  A web page. Every web page is implicitly assumed to be declared to be of type WebPage, so the various properties about that webpage, such as breadcrumb may be used. We recommend explicit declaration if these properties are specified, but if they are found outside of an itemscope, they will be assumed to be about the page.
Properties from WebPage
PropertyExpected TypeDescription
The easiness/difficulty of reading the document (can be an text or an integer, for example a Fleish Readability Index)
Properties from Thing
PropertyExpected TypeDescription
Refers to the person or organization which owns a thing